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Below you will find a list including several of the important initiatives implemented by the the Forsyth County District Attorney’s office.

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CHRONIC Offender Program – In July 2011 Mr. O’Neill developed a group that identified offenders that were committing the most violent crime in the Forsyth County Community.  Together with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of North Carolina, WSPD, FCSO, KPD, ATF, ICE, Forsyth County Probation and Parole, and the US Marshall’s Office Mr. O’Neill determined which defendant’s should be monitored in the interest of protecting the community.  Mr. O’Neill assigned prosecutors to fully invest whatever resources were necessary to prosecute the CHRONIC offenders in the Forsyth County Community.  This group meets twice a month to review those cases involving CHRONIC Offenders.

Sex Offender Registration Team – Mr. O’Neill assigned a designated prosecutor to handle all Failure to Register as Sex Offender crimes.  These efforts have assisted in effective prosecution and accurate reporting on the sex offender registry for Forsyth County.

Elder Abuse Task Force – Mr. O’Neill recognized that the elderly are some of the most vulnerable citizens in our community.   He developed a protocol for his office to review and prosecute cases initiated by Adult Protective Services and local law enforcement agencies.  The Task Force includes representatives from the District Attorney’s Office, WSPD, FCSO, KPD, and Adult Protective Services.  This team meets monthly to review the Elder Abuse cases to ensure the cases are prosecuted effectively.

Domestic Violence Prosecutor – Mr. O’Neill was the first dedicated Domestic Violence Prosecutor in Forsyth County.  As the Elected District Attorney, Mr. O’Neill has fought vigorously to obtain grants to sustain a specially trained Domestic Violence Prosecutor to handle Domestic Violence cases.  Mr. O’Neill also put a prosecutorial team together to review Habitual Misdemeanor Assault cases to focus on the defendants who are repeat offenders.  In addition, Mr. O’Neill has maintained the grants that allow Forsyth County to have specially trained legal assistants dedicated to the assistance of victims of Domestic and Relationship violence.

Motor Vehicle Fatality Team –As an assistant district attorney Mr. O’Neill was assigned to handle cases involving Motor Vehicle Fatalities.  Those cases ranged from Second Degree Murder to Misdemeanor Death by Motor Vehicle.  During his tenure as the prosecutor of those cases Mr. O’Neill recognized the importance of cooperation with law enforcement agencies and the prosecutor getting involved at an early stage of the investigation. As the Elected District Attorney of Forsyth County, Mr. O’Neill continues to meet with Law Enforcement Officers to review potential charges and respond to crime scenes involving Motor Vehicle Fatalities.

Child Sex Offense Team – Mr. O’Neill has two senior prosecutors dedicated to the prosecution of offenders who victimize children.  Those prosecutors have more than 30 years combined experience.  These prosecutors work with Law Enforcement day or night to review cases and potential charges.  Because the prosecutors are specially trained and experienced they have been extremely effective in prosecuting child abusers and child rapists.

Adult Rape Prosecutor – Mr. O’Neill has one prosecutor assigned to review and prosecute sexual offenses perpetrated against adult victims.  This seasoned superior court prosecutor also works hand and hand with Law Enforcement Officers throughout Forsyth County to review charges and obtain indictments.  The prosecutor assigned this division also receives special training about effective investigation and prosecution of Ault Sex Offense Crimes.  The early involvement of the District Attorney’s Office has assisted with the successful prosecution of two serial rapists.

SAUSA Position – Mr. O’Neill has worked closely with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District to obtain grant funds to support a Special Assistant United States Attorney position.  This position allows a prosecutor from Mr. O’Neill’s office to be assigned full time to the US Attorney’s Office.  This prosecutor exclusively prosecutes drug and gun crimes.  This prosecutor also attends the CHRONIC offender meetings and accepts cases for federal prosecution recommended by the CHRONIC team.

Animal Cruelty Prosecutor – Mr. O’Neill has one prosecutor assigned to review and prosecute crimes against animals. This prosecutor works exclusively with Forsyth County Animal Control to review and prosecute animal cruelty cases.  Since the assignment of one dedicated prosecutor to the prosecution of animal cruelty cases there has been an increase in the number of successful prosecutions of people who abuse, neglect, and kill animals.