Superior Court


All defendants on the motion’s docket (linked below) are required to attend the calendar call in person on Monday, September 16th unless they are scheduled for hearing later in the week and their appearance has been waived for Monday.  If you have any questions regarding your client’s appearance, please contact the ADA assigned to the case.


On Monday, September 13th we will have a Superior Court Calendar Call at 10:00 am.

This calendar call will be done through Web Ex therefore, defendants are not required to be present in Courtroom 5A unless they are not represented by counsel or the ADA has requested that they appear in person.

The WebEx invitation for the calendar call will be emailed to the Criminal Defense Bar.

Defense attorneys that have a case on September 13th, administrative dockets, should check in with the assigned prosecutor and tell them if the defendant intends to enter a guilty plea, request a trial or request another administrative setting.  The attorney that checks in with the ADA will not be required to participate in the calendar call.  If you do not check in with the prosecutor, you will be required to participate in the WebEx calendar call.

As officers of the court, the attorney will need to inform the ADA or the presiding judge during calendar call, if he or she has been able to communicate the plea offer to their out of custody client.  If there has been no contact, the defendant will be marked absent and the matter will be continued to the next administrative court date, where the State will require that the defendant show up in person for calendar call.  The State will be requesting an order for arrest be issued against the defendant if they fail to appear.

Time slots for entry of guilty pleas or hearings will be scheduled with enough time to allow time for the plea and for sanitizing between proceedings.  Defense attorneys that would like to request a time slot for a guilty plea should contact the assigned prosecutor.


There will not be any probation violations heard during the week of September 13th.  Probation violations have been scheduled for a double session of court during the week of October 11th.

Defendants listed on the NO REP calendar must appear in person in Courtroom 5A at 10:00 am.  You are required to wear a mask when you come into the Forsyth County Hall of Justice. If a defendant on the NO REP calendar has retained an attorney; that attorney must file a notice of general appearance and should inform the assigned prosecutor.